John Wayne's Bracelets

John Wayne had 2 significant bracelets, both of which came out of the war in Vietnam.. They were symbols of remembrance, loyalty and patriotism. This is the story of Duke's bracelets.

We first learned of Capt. Stephen P Hanson while watching a TV special on John Wayne. The story was a very moving one-about a young soldier in the Vietnam war who sent his wife and young son a picture of himself with the caption "Me as John Wayne." That man along with others in his crew would never return home.

John Wayne wore Capt. Hanson's POW/MIA bracelet. John Wayne kept in touch through out his life with Capt.Hanson's wife and son. One letter Duke wrote to Hanson's boy when he was older said, "I wish you wonderful life. Just don't expect too much out of it and you'll have some wonderful years. That's my sermon from the mount this year, Todd. Give 'em hell."


John Wayne always supported the men in uniform. Due to a football injury he was never able to serve in the military, even though he made a special tip to Washington to ask to be able to serve. When they declined, John Wayne turned his energies to ways in which he could help. He made films for the War dept. during WW2. The Duke was very active with the USO visiting the troops from WW2 to Vietnam. His film, "The Green Berets" was Duke's tribute to those who served. He once told his wife, "Honey, someone has to stand up for those guys."

John Wayne went on several moral boosting tours to Vietnam. He never shied away from "hot zones" and instead of having separate quarters, he ate and stayed with the troops. During one trip Duke spent 6 weeks in Vietnam visiting the troops, encouraging the soldiers and signing helmets. During this visit he was given a "Yard" bracelet by the Montagnard People of Vietnam. The silver bracelet was presented to him by a Montagnard Strike Force led by a U.S. Special Forces A-Team. The Montagnard bracelet is a symbol of friendship and respect.

If you are interested in learning more about the Montagnard People who presented John Wayne with his "Yard" bracelet please click on the banner below. A letter from Duke regarding the bracelet is posted on their website, on the Bracelet page. Funds from the sales of these silver bracelets go to help save these hill tribes, who were our allies in Vietnam. "Save The Montagnard People" was founded in 1986 by U.S. Special Forces veterans of the Vietnam War.



Information comes from the National Archives, POW/MIA organization,
STMP and personal research.


America, Why I Love Her

This best-selling recording was performed by the legendary John Wayne. It's finally available as Duke’s spoken-word CD of poetry, written by Big John Mitchum. It's a must-have for all patriotic Americans, film buffs, collectors and poetry fans.

Album features the following tracks / songs:

1. America - Why I Love Her
2. The Hyphen
3. Mis Raices Estan Aqui
4. The People
5. An American Boy Grows Up
6. Face The Flag
7. The Good Things
8. The Pledge of Allegiance
9. Why are you Marching, Son?
10. Taps



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