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Much of what is commonly know about John Wayne is public knowledge. Many articles and books have been written about him, as well as documentaries.
Some of the information about John Wayne came from:

Personal Research

The National Archives

The Complete Films of John Wayne
by Mark Ricci, Boris & Steve Zmijewsky

The John Wayne Trivia Book
by Leonard Brideau

The Duke
by Rob L. Wagner

The Life and Times of John Wayne
by Harrison House

John Wayne - In the Camera Eye
by Sam Shaw

Photo Credits:

William Clothier,Carlos Clarens, Dion McGregor, Irving Wolfe, Richard Husking jr., Lee Pheiffer, Bill Kenley, Miss Ushak, MGM-Lowe's inc., 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, Columbia, RKO, Republic, Monogram, United Artists, Sam Shaw, and Marc Cutler.

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JW Home

Ronald Reagan tribute to his long time friend, John Wayne.

John Wayne - Patriot
John Wayne works with the USO, visits the troops and is honored by the military with a Army RAH-66 Helicopter named the "Duke."

The Bracelet
The story behind John Wayne's POW and Montagnard bracelets.

In the News
John Wayne was often in the news. Here are some little known news events.

Congressional Gold Medal
The United States honors John Wayne with a gold medal.

Duke's Military Films
John Wayne represented all branches of the Armed Forces in his movies.

John Wayne Facts
Are you wanting to know how tall John Wayne was, where he was born, where he went to school... Check out this quick fact sheet on the Duke.

Memorable Moments
Special scenes and quotes in the film career of John Wayne.

John Wayne Trivia
Fun and interesting trivia in the life and film career of John Wayne.

John Wayne Tour
There are lots of "Duke" places to visit in California. Read our humorous account of "the John Wayne" tour.



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