John Wayne Military Movies

John Wayne represented through his war movies every branch of the military. He wore many hats and held a variety of ranks from General to Sergeant in his war movies. In all these roles he had one thing going for him - courage. Duke was seemingly indestructible in these military movies and he made us proud to be Americans.

Army Movies:
Back to Battan - RKO Radio Picture - May 31, 1945

Island in the Sky - Warner Brothers - March 18,1953

The Longest Day - 20th Century Fox - October 3,1962

Cast a Giant Shadow - United Artists - March 30, 1966

Green Berets - Warner Brothers/Seven Arts - June 17, 1968


Air Force Movies

originally the Army Air Corps:

Flying Tigers - Republic Pictures - Sept 23, 1942

Jet Pilot - RKO Radio Picture - Sept 23, 1957


The Coast Guard:

The Sea Spoilers - Universal Pictures - October 24, 1936


Navy Movies:

Salute - Fox Film Studio - October 6, 1929

Seven Sinners - Universal Pictures - Nov 4, 1940

Fighting Seabees - Republic Pictures - Jan 19, 1944

They Were Expendable - Metro/Goldwyn/Mayer - Nov 23,1945

The Wings of Eagles - Metro/Goldwyn/Mayer - Jan 30,1957

In Harms Way - Paramount Pictures - March 31,1965

Operation Pacific - Warner Brothers - 1951


Marines Movies:

Without Reservations - RKO Radio Pictures - May 13,1946

Sands of Iwo Jima - Republic Pictures - Dec 14,1949

The Flying Leathernecks - RKO Radio Pictures - July 18,1951


In the movie "I Cover the War" - John Wayne shows us another side of war-time as a photo journalist. This war movie was released on June 29,1937 by Universal Pictures.


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