John Wayne in the News

1942 - Office of War Information, News and Picture Operation-Sweden
John Wayne's photo, along with many other stars of the 1940's were were sent overseas to be used in Swedish publications during WW2.

1953 - Paramont News
John Wayne promotes the purchase of U.S. War Bonds.

1954 - Paramont News
June Allyson and John Wayne receive the Woman's Home Companion Award.

1960 - Movietone News
While on a tour of 20th Century Fox, 2 daughters of Prime Minister Ikeda of Japan meet John Wayne.

1965 - National Park Service - Civil War Centennial Commission
John Wayne was part of the many festivities celebrating the 100 Anniversary of the End of the Civil war.

1966 - Operation Hawthorn
John Wayne visits the 502d and the 327 Infantry in Dakto, South Viet Nam. He is given a tribal bracelet of the Montagnard people.

1966 - Voice of America
John Wayne does an interview and a gives a press conference after.

1970's - Forestry Dept.
John Wayne appears in "Smokey the Bear" spots to encourage fire prevention.

1970 - Dept. of the Navy - UCLA/ROTC dress parade
John Wayne is asked to speak at the commencements and goes on to pin the NROTC pistol award medal on a young midshipman.

1970's - Dept. of the Navy
John Wayne films TV spots for the Marine Corps.

1972 - United States Air Force
John Wayne makes the introduction to a tactical airlift movie called "The Way it Is."

1972 - Operation Homecoming
This was honoring the returning POW's. There were many celebrations including a luncheon. Among those in attendance were:
John Wayne, Red Skeleton, Ernest Borgnine, Clint Eastwood and the Andrew Sisters.

Duke, Kissinger, Nixon

1972 - The White House
John Wayne with Richard Nixon and Henry Kissenger.

photo by Robert L. Knudsen


John Wayne on the Cover of Life Magazine

May 7, 1965

photo by
John R. Hamilton

July 11, 1969
art by
Milton Glaser

Jan 28, 1972
photo by
Bob Willoughby

To be on the cover of Life Magazine is quite an honor. John Wayne graced the cover of this news magazine 3 times. He was a much loved hero in our American culture, and the public never tired of him.
John Wayne was once quoted as saying,
"Nobody seems to like my acting but the people."

photos courtesy of Life Magazine

John Wayne

JW Home

Ronald Reagan tribute to his long time friend, John Wayne.

John Wayne - Patriot
John Wayne works with the USO, visits the troops and is honored by the military with a Army RAH-66 Helicopter named the "Duke."

The Bracelet
The story behind John Wayne's POW and Montagnard bracelets.

In the News
John Wayne was often in the news. Here are some little known news events.

Congressional Gold Medal
The United States honors John Wayne with a gold medal.

Duke's Military Films
John Wayne represented all branches of the Armed Forces in his movies.

John Wayne Facts
Are you wanting to know how tall John Wayne was, where he was born, where he went to school... Check out this quick fact sheet on the Duke.

Memorable Moments
Special scenes and quotes in the film career of John Wayne.

John Wayne Trivia
Fun and interesting trivia in the life and film career of John Wayne.

John Wayne Tour
There are lots of "Duke" places to visit in California. Read our humorous account of "the John Wayne" tour.


John Wayne ... There Rode a Legend



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