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John Wayne. Unequaled by any other film legend. Representing the epitome of what is best about America. John Wayne appeared in over 150 films, but will always be remembered more for the man he was, than for any particular role. Described by the President of the United States as "the ideal of the average American," he was honored by his country with a Special Congressional Gold Medal. He was honored by his profession by winning the motion picture industry's most coveted award for Best Actor of 1969. But most of all, he will forever be remembered as the "Duke," a man who made us all proud to be Americans.

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Stand Ups are life size cut-outs designed to decorate any room or party.
Each stand up can be mounted to a wall or door, or can stand by itself.


John Wayne Photos and Posters!!
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Trivia, Biography, Picture Albums and more.

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Our Favorite John Wayne Gifts

John Wayne Stained Glass Panorama

An Exclusive Limited-edition and it lights up!
This John Wayne collectible bears John Wayne's signature on a glistening plaque.

John Wayne Train

An heirloom quality illuminated collectible - John Wayne electric train set,
adorned with dramatic scenes from some of the Duke's most beloved films!

The High and the Mighty
(Two-Disc Collector's Edition - 1954)

Island In The Sky
(Special Collector's Edition - 1953)
The John Wayne - John Ford Collection


Classic favorites painstakingly remastered and restored, plus feature documentaries and.....

John Wayne home movies!!


America, Why I Love Her

This best-selling recording was performed by the legendary John Wayne. It's finally available as Duke’s spoken-word CD of poetry, written by Big John Mitchum. It's a must-have for all patriotic Americans, film buffs, collectors and poetry fans.

The John Wayne American Legend Collection

John Wayne Playing Card Set

Features two decks of playing cards with tin case.

John Wayne Ornament

A perfect Christmas gift for Duke fans!

John Wayne Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

An unique collectible for fans! Great for western decor.

John Wayne Limited Edition Cookie Jar

Hand numbered and includes Certificate of Authenticity. Limited to an edition size of 3,600.


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