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There have been many books written about John Wayne. We hope you enjoy this selection of books about John Wayne -- the man, actor, and icon who remains synonymous with American values.

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John Wayne ... There Rode a Legend

No book can hold a man's complete life between its covers, especially the legendary life of movie icon John Wayne. But John Wayne...There Rode a Legend comes pretty darn close. This panoramic book collects hundreds of images, memorabilia, and behind-the-scenes stories to piece together a man as large as the American West he so loved. Saddle up and follow him through his Western career, from his early days as Singin' Sandy, film's first singing cowboy, to his later achievements starring in the epic film "The Alamo." You'll also learn about his contributions to the real West at 26 Bar cattle ranch in Arizona. With over 400 colorful film posters and photos, this book is the definitive Western tribute to America's most-loved Hollywood cowboy, movie star, man, and myth.

Includes a special foreword by Maureen O'Hara!

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(BFI Film Classics Book)
More than fifty years after its first appearance, Stagecoach remains the most famous Western ever made. Resisting David O. Selznick's description of his project as "just another Western," director John Ford intended something special from the start: a film that would integrate all the traditions of the horse opera-chases, gunfights, spectacular scenery-with a tale of romance and intrigue. And as the Ringo Kid he chose an unknown who had spent the past ten years in B-Westerns. The part made John Wayne a star. Shedding new light on an old favorite, this book is an enjoyable account of how the film got made, combined with a careful scene-by-scene analysis, a wealth of illustrations, and the most complete credits yet assembled.

Red River

(BFI Film Classics Book)
Red River (1947) is one of Howard Hawks' near-perfect films. A sweeping, fast-moving Western, it's stunningly shot and stars John Wayne and Montgomery Clift in complex roles set off by fine acting. In this book, Suzanne Liandrat-Guigues explores the complex theme of Red River as well as its historical setting and place in film history. She focuses particular attention on the actors' contributions and on Red River's relationship to other Hawks classics.

The Searchers

(BFI Film Classics Book)
John Ford's masterpiece The Searchers (1956) was rated fifth greatest film of all time in Sight and Sound's poll of critics. Its influence on many of America's most distinguished contemporary filmmakers - among them Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader, and John Milius - is enormous. Edward Buscombe provides a detailed commentary on all aspects of the film, and makes full use of material in the John Ford archive in Indiana, including Ford's own memos and the original script, which differs in vital respects from the film he made.


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