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According to my records, John Wayne made (6) movies before making "Mother Machree" in 1928.

They were:
Brown Of Harvard (extra) - MGM
The Great K&A Train Robery (extra) - FOX
Bardleys the Magnificent (a guard) - MGM
Drop Kick (USC Football Player) - First National Pictures
Four Sons (extra) - FOX
Annie Laurie (extra) - MGM

"Four Sons" was also made in 1928, but I do not know which one was made first.

I met with Mr. Wayne in 1979, in California. Even after the operation on his lungs, he was a big, tall-walking man, full of life.

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PS - A piece of trivia for your next update.......
What was the ONLY movie John Wayne made in that he used a different STAGE NAME??????

"Words and Music" - FOX, 1929
Name: "Duke Morrison"


John Wayne was born May 26,1907 as Marion Robert Morrison. His name was never legally changed to John Wayne. His nickname "Duke" came from a dog his family owned. There were 37 films in which his character was called John. Duke was used as a character name in 6 movies.


John Wayne's Oscar
Maureen O'Hara was the person who presented him with the 1976
People's Choice Award for most popular motion picture actor.

Barbara Striestand presented him with the Oscar for the 1970 movie, True Grit.



The movie "The Conqueror" was filmed near St. George, Utah; which was close to the Utah proving grounds. Almost a year before a radioactive bomb named "Dirty Harry" had been dropped. At the time it was felt all was safe. It was later learned that at least 70 cast and crew members had died of cancer.


Barry Goldwater visited the set of "Stagecoach" during filming. They had a long friendship and later John Wayne helped in Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign.


John Wayne chocolateJohn Wayne's image has appeared on a wide variety of products including:1950 popcorn trading cards given at theaters, 1951 Camel cigarettes, 1956 playing cards, Whitman's Chocolates and more recently Coors beer. The money collected on the Coors beer cans with his image went to the John Wayne Cancer Hospital. One of the most unusual was as a puppet on HR Puff*n*stuff, who also put out a 1970 lunchbox with his image among the other puppet characters.



"The Greatest Cowboy Star of All Time" was the caption to a series of comic books dedicated to him. The "John Wayne Adventure Comics" were first published in 1949.


Duke produced and starred in a 1940's radio show about an alcoholic detective entitled - "Three Sheets to the Wind"


When John Wayne was honored with a square at the Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the sand used in the cement was brought in from Iwo Jima.


When Emperor Hirohito of Japan was on a visit to the U.S., he had the opportunity to meet many people. The one he asked to meet was John Wayne.


The movie "The Quiet Man" was filmed in and around the Village of Cong, County Mayo, Ireland. Many of the places from the film can still be seen there. One is Cohan's Tavern where they all stopped for a drink during the famous fight scene between the 2 brothers-in-law. The Tavern still stands today, as a grocery.


John Wayne played football for the University if Southern California in 1927. That year the team only lost 2 games to Stanford and Notre Dame.


John Wayne helped to raise funds for mentally challenged children at a SHARE benifit. He sang "Home on the Range" to the highest bidder.


John Wayne appeared in Vacation Bible School flyers to promote attendance.


True GritJohn Wayne was nominated for 2 Oscars.
The first was "The Sands of Iwo Jima." The one he received was for the 1970 movie "True Grit" where he played the part of Rooster Cogburn. He was heard to say after getting it:

"If I'd have known that,
I'd have put on an eyepatch 35 yrs ago."


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